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Documentation webinar

Welcome speech Ambassador of Suriname in the Netherlands HE Rajendre Khargi

DC Brokopondo Mr. Ludwig Mendelzoon (Brownsweg community representative)

Film Brownsberg Nature Park

Film PPPP Brownsberg Nature Park

Q & A

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Presentation Director Tourism Mr. Rabin Bhudda


Presentation OD Bosbeheer, GBB, Mr. Roelf Cairo, MSc.


Presentation Mr. Henry Mac-Donald: Community Based Tourism


Presentation John Goedschalk: CIS Programmatic focus + PPPP Brownsberg


Presentation Kenneth Cyrus (Director STINASU): Registration Procedures PPPP Brownsberg + presentation website

Q & A

Q1. In the PPPP model, concessionaire and investor are presented separately, which I think is correct.


Based on the following definitions, I will answer your question: Concessionaire = STINASU; Investor = grantee, who will also be responsible for tourism operation on Brownberg Plateau.
The investor will receive approximately 100 hectares from the 12200ha of the Brownsberg Nature Park via a lease agreement on the part of the plateau that is already in use for its tourist center. The existing buildings and vacancies on this plateau will also be transferred by STINASU to the leaseholder. STINASU hereby renounces Nature tourism exploitation on the plateau, and only becomes the facilitator, conservationist, still responsible for all education and research within the entire nature park. For the tourist sites and paths outside 100ha of the lease, we will work in partnership with the investor to arrive at the desired situation.

Q2a. The role of the government in relation to Brownsberg PPPP is not fully understood; there is Stinasu as an extension of the government.


The government is responsible for nature conservation in Suriname, including law enforcement, especially in protected areas, such as Brownsberg Nature Park. As a semi-governmental foundation, STINASU has been given a number of areas under the management of the government, but as an exception, Brownsberg is officially a STINASU Concession. The role of STINASU in all its protected areas is to preserve (preserve and manage) nature and biodiversity, conduct scientific research and education. And STINASU must try to finance all this through responsible nature tourism and other fundraising. STINASU is accountable to the Minister responsible for Environment and Forest Management, in this Minister GBB. The role of the government is a facilitating role.

Q2b. But other parts of the government also have a role to play, such as NCD.


As indicated above, STINASU is a semi-government organization that does operate independently, with a clear link with the government. This gives it direct or, if necessary, access via the Minister of GBB to other government agencies.

Q2c. And Ordening Goudsector (OGS), if they are still functioning, to guarantee the integrity of the park (otherwise police or army?).


When it comes to the illegal gold sector, the designated body is OGS. STINASU already has good cooperation with OGS and continues to work with them to keep Gold Miners out of the park.

Q3. I also drew attention to aspects of research & monitoring and education before, I look at them quite broadly, not just the aspect of tourism, and I think it is necessary and correct in the context of the purpose of a PA and also of Stinasu.

Beautifully, you work this out and STINASU will certainly want to discuss with you what and how to implement this, taking into account the laws and regulations for research. STINASU is always looking for partners who can help fulfill its assigned tasks. Together we can achieve more for Nature Conservation through education and research.




If you have any questions, feel free to email them to and our team will answer them as soon as possible.

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