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As concession holder of Brownsberg Nature Park, STINASU has a facilitating, controlling role. STINASU determines the ecological rules, whereby all nature sites and jungle trails continue to fall under its management, as shared domain. These nature  sites and jungle trails will be maintained from the revenues from the PPPP lease. Also trained, local park rangers will be deployed by STINASU for Nature protection.


CI Suriname

Technical and financial support for the process and contacting a public, private and people partner and overseeing the "focused" state of affairs and ensuring green business models for a green economy.

Local community (s)


The communities consisting of 8 villages in Brownsweg, will supervise compliance with agreements made in the private tourism concession through their umbrella organization (s), with pre-designated discussion partners. They will also ensure that the community remains involved in the developments in the area. They will also be open to capacity-strengthening training. In conflict situations between the Brownsberg concessionaire and the community, they will play a mediating role and help to find solutions.

Selection committee

The selection committee, consisting of 10 persons, is headed by a chairman and is assisted by a secretary and / or the project leader. The selection committee is responsible for assessing the candidate companies that have validly applied and for assigning the most suitable operating partner.


Furthermore, the selection committee is responsible for:

  • Ensure proper procedure for registrations.

  • Reporting the allocation activities on the Brownsberg Plateau to the board and project partner CIS.

  • Composition of a matrix with findings and arguments.

  • Selecting potential concessionaires based on the set criteria.

  • Coordinate with the Advisory Committee.

  • Compiling the private tourism concession (lease agreement).

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