How do we implement the PPPP?

One of the most commonly used models in public-private people’s partnerships in nature tourism, particularly in protected areas, is the concession model. A private tourism concession is an agreement concluded between a private company ("concessionaire") and the manager of the protected area to operate a tourism company within a specified area of ​​a protected area in exchange for fees.


The concessionaire is responsible for taking over existing facilities and performing upgrades and / or building new facilities. At the end of the concession period, the ownership of all infrastructures goes back to the protected area agency, in this case the government. The concessionaire assumes full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of all assets, as well as for the financing and management of all required investments during the time horizon of the concession.


The PPPP is guided by the general terms and conditions of the private tourism concession. The recommended general conditions for the proposed PPPP model for the Brownsberg Nature Park Plateau will be set out in a report.

Schematic representation of relationships in the PPPP model


The graph below shows the proposed contractual structure of a typical concession, including the partnership agreements. Each concession will involve some variation of this contractual structure depending on the specific requirements.


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