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About the project

Conservation International Suriname (CIS) their ''Nature for Climate strategy” makes an important contribution to reducing the negative effects of climate change, trough nature conservation.  CIS advocates the preservation of Suriname as the greenest country in the world. Suriname has 15.2 million hectares of forest, which accounts for approximately 93% of the total country.

To improve the current situation of the Brownsberg Nature Park and to prevent the further decline of the resort on the Brownsberg plateau, CIS has commissioned a series of investigations for the government of Suriname (GoS), the Stichting Natuurbehoud Suriname (STINASU), and stakeholders in the tourism sector, to provide guidelines for developing a new PPPP model. This will allow the GoS and STINASU to increase its revenue potential from tourism from the Brownsberg Nature Park and to offer greater economic benefits to surrounding communities and its protected nature.

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