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Guidelines for application and the bidding process of private partners for BNP

The bidding process was as follows:


From May 1, 2021, access to the website was open for information and application. Potential providers could download the basic application form from the website. 

Questions and registrations
Questions and application forms could be sent to a dedicated e-mail 


Deadline for submission of bid proposals
The 2nd registration process started on 1 May 2021 and the submission of complete bid proposals according to the indicated guidelines was set for 15 June 2021. Within four weeks of the date of submission, a decision was made on the submissions.


Selection procedure

The selection committee consisted of experts from all walks of life. Through a transparent process they selected a potential lease holder(s) that meets the predetermined conditions and has achieved the most points.


This selection consists of 2 steps.

Step 1: A shortlist of a maximum of 3 candidates is selected from the long-list potential lease holder (s). These candidates meet all the set criteria, which is reflected in the number of points.

Step 2: The 3 selected candidates are invited for a final presentation.


The selected candidates had to hold a presentation for the final selection. The following needed to be taken into account:

  1. STINASU retains responsibility for policy and permit conditions in the PPPP model.

  2. The private party takes care of the investment, professional costs, etc. according to the award conditions.

  3. Activities serve the welfare and prosperity of the local population: goods and services decrease (employment).

  4. Build in partnership of the local population (guaranteeing local benefits).

  5. Fair and transparent permits, exploitation agreements, and details of exploitation worked out well, including training current and future personnel.

  6. Right of cancellation and other provisions are included.

  7. A trial period must be inserted.

  8. Intended marketing strategy and proposal for a marketing plan

  9. make this an example project for other tourism activities.



  • Proof of being able to manage and exploit a demonstrable / tourist resort.

  • Experience in setting up / renovating resorts.


Procedure from the application - approval

  1. The project is submitted in accordance with the bid-offer format.

  2. Applications that do not meet the preconditions and award criteria will not be approved. The applicant will be notified of this in writing.

  3. The selection committee will assess the bid proposals.

Timeline submission, selection, and completion

  • 26 April 2021: Webinar & Relaunch website 

  • 1 May 2021: Start submission of bid proposals

  • 15 June 2021: Deadline bidding proposals

  • 1 May - 30 May 2021: Access to additional information via STINASU and Local community representative. 

  • 16  June- 9 July 2021: Technical test by the selection committee

  • 10 July 2021: Shortlist of 3 selected candidates

  • 29 July 2021:Presentation 3 selected

  • 10 August 2021: Final advice from the selection commission

  • 31 August 2021: Final allocation

  • September - December 2021: STINASU signing the agreement with the private party 


An objection process was possible within 5 days after allocation to the selected one.

The registration and application for PPPP-Brownsberg is closed, 

Click on the link below for an example of the application form used 

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