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The future situation for the Brownsberg Nature Park plateau




Criteria for the desired situation and potential concessionaires

A. Development

  • The established tourism facility is in line with the natural values ​​of the protected area (ESIA report as a guide).

  • The established tourism facility is designed to fit within the nature of the protected area.

  • The established tourism facility minimizes its footprint at the location.

  • The established tourism facility contributes to the preservation and improvement of the protected area.

  • A map and/or other visual design is available with the correct representation of the facilities and zoning.


B. Activities

  • The established tourism facility involves and benefits local communities, including by providing employment (A significant proportion of employees in all available and required functions are sourced from local communities throughout the duration of the agreement based on suitability).

  • The established tourism facility, in collaboration with the other partners, provides suitable training and development programs for the local population so that they can be successful nature tourism partners.

  • The established tourism facility encourages visitors to appreciate, protect and preserve the protected area.


C. Financing

  • The (potential) concession holder has set out a financing strategy to support the implementation and operation of the tourism facility.


D. Management

  • Management  has demonstrable experience in the management and operation of tourist facilities in remote areas.

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