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Brownsberg Nature Park

The Brownsberg Nature Park, a protected area, is currently regularly threatened by illegal, extractive activities such as logging and gold mining at the borders of the Park. The tourism facilities on the Brownsberg plateau are currently insufficiently utilized and have fallen into disrepair. STINASU, as semi-governmental foundation reports to the minister of Land and Forest Management (GBB). As consession holder of The Brownsberg Nature Park, STINASU manages the entire Park. She also acts as a tour operator of the Brownsberg plateau.

However, STINASU has been weakened over the years and is currently unable to perform its management optimally for various reasons and to operate tourism properly. Time for new insights:

The proposed Public Private People's Partnership (PPPP) is a modern economic model, whereby the duty of STINASU now focuses on Nature and Biodiversity protection, education  and  law enforcement, while and the private sector takes on the tourism operations on the basis of a long-term tourism concession on the Brownsberg plateau. The duty of care of the government in this protected area does not expire, but the primary and fundamental government responsibility remains its (Nature protection) law enforcement.


The PPPP model offers a private sector partner the existing facilities and infrastructure for nature-based tourist in the Brownsberg Nature Park so it can upgrade the facilities of the Brownsberg plateau, to world-class nature resort in a unique Nature park, rich in biodiversity and pristine forest.

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