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This is the website for the bidding process of the Brownsberg Nature Park Plateau


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You are on the website that gives you information about the bidding process within the Public Private People Partnership model, with which the exploitation of the Brownsberg Nature Park Plateau announces a new phase. This process will take place in a transparent and well-arranged manner, whereby candidates have the option to request further information within the specified period on our timeline.


With the approach of attracting a private investment for the restoration and exploitation of the Brownsberg Plateau and continuing the development of nature tourism in the area, the process of Public Private People Partnership (PPPP) has started. An agreement - according to the permit conditions - will be concluded between a private investor and the government.


In this process, the parties will be supported by Conservation International Suriname as an important partner, together with the local community of Brownsweg and other stakeholders. A selection committee will be appointed consisting of a group of experts and stakeholders who, on the basis of carefully formulated criteria, will identify the preferred candidate of the private party. The ministry of ROGB or STINASU (the government) will conclude a lease agreement with this party for a predetermined time.


This is a public registration open to both domestic and foreign investors, preferably in the nature tourism sector, with proven management qualities, transparent reporting in financial, economic, environmental and social areas, and with knowledge of local circumstances and the communities living there , which will be part of the process.




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